[Never ending stories]

Lucus is a brand of never ending stories about wood and a tree, about forest and life, about individual branches and united trunks, about eyes and touches. Every piece of wood has a story within. We are here just to discover it, unfold it and show it.
Every piece of tree has its role in a life of a forest.
We are here just to move this lifes homes, meeting points and shelters of beauty and love for nature.
Every Lucus creation has it story. A never ending story!
Every Lucus story is fool of good vibes-wood vibes!
Every one is the only one.
Let it be yours!

[With good vibes]

Lucus is an experience of good vibes. Lucus are special carriers of light, with antiquity saturated guardians of wine, protectors of mirror images, pillars for what we take off when the wood makes us feel warm. Lights, wine racks, mirrors and clothes stands are companions of the two nucleus of the Lucus brand: original nests to feel a forest shelter and tables that maintain the character of the trees that gave them birth with their every detail.

[Made by hands]

Every Lucus item is made in naute first. What has grown in an open field, has its own shape and life. People who create Lucus are different like wood. Designers, seekers, lovers. But we are seeking the same_ beatuty alredy devoted to wood.Our eyes are here just to discover it , our touch to create it.